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Lamination films are also used for laminating, paper, photographs, ID cards Garment packaging and for carton packaging boxes. These are cost effective and a safe method for protecting the important documents and products. The range of our lamination film is supplied in various sizes and qualities to suit the requirements of our customers.
Bopp lamination film • Print Lamination Industry
• Submersible pump industry
• Tea packaging
• Food packaging
• For use by florists
• Heat sealable films for different automatic packing applications.
We deal in a wide variety of 1. BOPP lamination Film, 2. PVC lamination film and 3. Print Lamination Emulsions/adhesives
1. BOPP Lamiantion Film :
Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film
  BOPP Films is Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Film. Which is stretched in both the machine direction (MD) and across machine direction (AMD) during manufacturing.It has superior strength at low gauges, flatness, clarity and excellent printability. We offer all Grades of BOPP Films from print lamination grade 8 micron to 20 micron films in glossy, matte, pearl finish also thermal lamination films along with Adhesive tape & Garment bag grades. We offer label & Flexible packaging grades Heat Sealable – Corona Treated 15 to 60 micron films.

Our BOPP films have been carefully formulated and produced. This has been used as base films for manufacturing of multiple purpose products. It is largely used for packing of highly sensitive food grade products, as well as it is the allied and compulsory product to be used by every packaging industry. We mainly cater BOPP print laminators, submersible winding wire manufacturers and flexible packaging industry.

Our BOPP films are being manufactured by two fully integrated Stenter lines of the world's best : Bruckner, & Slitting machines from Kampf And our Principals have won global patents and the 'Golden Peacock Award' in the category of 'Eco-Innovation Devices/Products'. Our core strength lies with our proven team. This team has distinguished itself by its efficiency, technical knowledge, innovativeness, adaptability, and relentless pursuit of service excellence. This has helped us to adapt to the changing needs of market.

Our products meet stringent requirements of hi-tech, niche applications. Our Principals, an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company, have pioneered the introduction of several speciality BOPP films and has achieved growth through the value addition route. Product range includes high gloss variant to standard Pearlescent BOPP film, speciality Print-Lam films (both gloss & matt) for export markets, Over-wrapped films with characteristic of high-speed, high-shrink & low-haze, speciality films for holography & labels, sealable films, opaque films, twist-wrap films and also release films for manufacture of decorative wooden laminates. Additionally, it specializes in films, suitable for high quality barrier grade vacuum metallization.

Its range varies from 12 to 45 micron thickness, having customized widths ranging from 64mm to 1600 mm.
2. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)
Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) films are available from 5 micron to 200 micron thickness in a range of product grades and properties including; Vacuum Forming grades from 150 micron onwards, Rigid Printing grades 100 micron onwards, Flexible PVC Lamination Films 5 micron onwards & Twist Wrap Films from 17 micron onwards.

Our PVC films are being manufactured by one of the leading manufacturer of various kind of PVC Films in India. The company is equipped with State of the art infrastructure to produce excellent quality of PVC Films in sheet as well as roll form with consistent quality.

We supply our products to almost every conceivable application areas like Pharmaceutical, Food & Confectionery, Cosmetics, Tools, Mattress, Garment, Toy, and Coir Foam Mattresses & Automobile Ancillaries.

The company has grown through its manufacturing Design, Quality Control and R & D capabilities. Our motivated team has access to internal and external development facilities to constantly search for innovative solution, improved

• Soft PVC Film
• Rigid PVC Film
• Non Toxin Rigid PVC Films
• Lamination Films (PVC)
• Lamination Films (BOPP)

Our consistent quality for PVC lamination films has gained us permanent product acceptance, incessant growth in market share, developing of new market segments and loyalty of renowned customers comprising of laminators, flexible packaging printers converters and end users of various applications.

We supply a comprehensive package of high quality products and outstanding service.

Our Principal is a pioneer in manufacturing various grades of PVC films for more than 4 decades and as on today is one of the largest manufacturers-exporters having ISO:9001-2000 certification with a manufacturing capacity of 9000 MT per annum. They have bagged numerous awards from various export Promotion councils, Chambers of commerce in India for their exemplary performance in Quality, Distribution and Turnover.

Our PVC films are certified food grade by CFTRI, Mysore, India, under global migration BIS standards and by Belgium Packaging institute under European norms.

Ours is an export grade film, which is being presently exported worldwide to European countries, USA, Middle East, Far East, Asian countries, CIS countries, African countries and other regions around the globe.

Our speciality is, we have wide product range, constant quality, efficient services, and caster to the different requirements of the packaging industry with the single aim of “Providing the best”.

Some salient features of our PVC lamination Film:

Cost: We deal in the Unique PVC film, which is cost effective and most inexpensive as compared to the alternative lamination films.

Size and thickness: Available in sizes/widths upto 1000 mm and in thickness as low as 4micron to 10 micron.

Quality: Gives superior lustre/shine after lamination. There is no core wastage. Easy processability on lamination machines due to absolute flat and wrinkle free film.

Bonding: excellent adhesion to the substrate with minimum adhesive spread. Unlike other films corona treatment is not required for PVC films.
micron 6 7 8 10
sqm/kg 120 105 92 70
Other thickness can be given on special request.

Strength: Optimum tensile strength to stand high tension on the laminating machjine. Imparts toughness to the substrate after lamination.

Application: Carton Boxes for Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toiletries, readymade garrments, Banians, hosieries, wrappers for books files, confectionary, detergent cakes, soap, corrugated boxes for electronics and electrical appliances, gift articles, consumer products, window envelopes.
Poly Vinyl Chloride
3. Print Lamination Emulsions / adhesives
  Print Lamination Emulsions / adhesives most competitive rates. We offer to our client’s wide range of adhesive products for print lamination industry that are available in different grades as per the requirements of our clients. The superior quality of our products makes them to be widely used in different industry applications like lamination of printed cartons, corrugation, side pasting gum, adhesives for hand application and also machine application, print over coat emulsions etc.

Our adhesives are specially suited for pasting paper board with plastics film like PVC or BOPP or polyester. These are also used for the wet lamination of printed paper with film and coating on printed paper. Our lamination emulsions grades are:

1. AROCRYL-155 - Print emulsion –a specially developed emulsion for laminating bopp, pvc & polyester film to printed paper surface.

2. AROBOND 555 - For side pasting of bopp/pvc by machine or manual;-especially for side seam pasting of pvc/bopp laminated duplex board folding boxes. Since the product is viscous, it is ideally suited for hand pasting application. If used carefully, it is suitable for automatic glue pasting machines also.

3. AROCRYL-311 - Print lamination emulsion- a speciaaly developed emulsion for bulk lamination of pvc film to paper/board, 4.AROBOND -58- Specially developed for side pasting of uv coated surfaces. 5.AROBOND-56— Specially developed pasting adhesive suitable –for side pasting of polyester laminated cartons on automatic machines

6.AROBOND 221 - For side pasting of bopp/pvc/polyester laminated cartons by machine- and also paper labelling on glass, hdpe, pp and other plastic containers

7. AROBOND-115 - A pasting adhesive specially made for the top and bottom sealing of laminated cartons on automatic carton filling ceka type machines.and also for hand labelling of varnished labels on pet bottles and neck sealing of composite taggers on pe jars

8. KRONOMED UV OVER PRINT MEDIUMS - for high gloss and spot high –lighting

9. ACROSOL AQUEOUS OVER PRINT MEDIUMS - good gloss and excellent non-yellowing properties

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